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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Twitter

The Do's and Don'ts of Twitter in 2014!

Based on Twitter Statistics for 2014, we realized that there is a lot of thing that we could learn about twitter, what works and what doesn't. we set out and researched 15 things that you should do, and 15 things that you shouldn't do on twitter.

what to avoid doing on twitter.

The Good:

1. Visuals
Tweets with visuals get 150% more retweets and 89% more Favourites and 18% more clicks. 
Recommendation: Always attach a visual of any kind with your tweet. Not only is it more engaging it will give a quick idea to your readers on the topic, right from their news feed.
2. Videos Work too
Visuals  - Videos
All the tweets that include videos get higher engagement, than the ones with none.
3. Proper usage of hashtags
All the tweets including a moderate usage of hashtags are 30% more likely to be retweeted than those without.
Tweets without quotation marks are less likely to be retweeted
5. Display Excitement
Tweets with exclamation points get more retweets per follower than those without.
6. Build with Numbers
Tweets with number or digits get 17% more retweets.
7. Tweets with please
Any tweet with the word “please RT” Gets 3 times more tweets
8. Tweets with length between 71 and 100 get the highest number of retweets.
9. Any tweet using bit.ly gets 10% more retweets
10. Utilize time decay and peak time, make sure you are pacing your tweets with a minimum of 24 munities from each other. 
11. All the tweets that have mention have more visibility and more engagement
12. Link location in the tweet matters, make sure that you are locating your link 25% through the tweet.
13. Best time to post is between 1PM and 3PM
14. The more you share links the better.
15. Utilize other attributes on twitter, such as exchanging cards, musing, sharing files, etc…

The bad and the Ugly

1. Excessive Tweeting/ Re-tweets 
2. Follow everyone that follows you
3. Follow anyone and everyone
4. Using abusive tweets
5. Using foul language
6. Being disrespectful 
7. Boasting – don’t use twitter to sell people, it is about promotion not selling.
8. Being inaccurate
9. Having an incomplete profile
10. Don’t retweet a complement
11. Don’t over use hashtags
12. Don’t promote something more than it deserves
13. Don’t tweet about things that other don’t care about
14. Don’t use the platform for extended conversations
15. Don’t flood your twitter page with quotes

what not to do on twitter - infographic


Tarek Riman

How to deal with Facebook New Algorithm

Reaching Facebook users used to be easier. With the New Algorithm, Facebook wants to publish relevant content and quality pages. This means, if your post offer poor content or if your page is of poor quality, you will have to pay to reach users. Organic reach also changed with the new algorithm, the sharing of post and video have dropped, It is now, the sharing of picture and links that brings more engagement.

But how do we deal with Facebook New Algorithm? In order to not lose engagement and money!

Test your post

To keep and/or gain engagement to your page and to test the relevance and the readers interest in your post. I suggest using other Social Media, such as twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, to test your post. Start by posting your post on those Social Medias, if the post gets the reaction wanted and people show interest in your post, then post it on Facebook. This way your Facebook page engagement will not be greatly affected by the new algorithm.

Remember what attracts readers

The content is super important to get Facebook to publish your post, but if you want to attract people enough for them to engage with you, you need the following:

  •          Unique & engaging content
  •          A title that leaves space for imagination
  •          Picture that talks on its own
  •          Give a tone to the title


Each post should be relevant to the time you post it, for example, if you are talking about a new event happening next week-end in the city, you might want to post it around Wednesday because the chance people are planning their next week-end on Monday are quite slim compare to the chance they are planning their week-end on a Wednesday! Testing the posting frequency as well as the time and the days of posting is really important. It will help you get more engagement.

For those interested the following link talks about posting at the best time (a lot of interesting statistics that can help you):


Try to get quality engagement, you want people that will interact and come back on your page. If applicable, get your staff to engage with your page and your content, they will be able to share your post to their friends and family members, giving the post a little more reach.

Don't rely only on Facebook

If your Social Media advertising campaign relies on Facebook, you might want to think about using other Social Media, such as LinkedIn, twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr. You can also try to drive traffic to your Facebook page with offline marketing or e-mail marketing, for example, if your company is often attending events, you can simply hand out business cards and encourage people to go on your Facebook page.


Laurence Belmont

Social Media Affecting the Buying Process

Social media can have a significant impact on all stages of the buying process.

From need-recognition to post-purchase evaluation, social platforms have become a channel that customers of all ages are increasingly relying on.  There are over 15 million consumers that go to social media channels before make a purchase and 74 % of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchase decisions.

Social Media Infographic

1.     Need Recognition:

Social Media is a great platform to promote products and essentially help customers discover something new or recognize a need. Half of all Internet users ages 18 to 23 use social networks as their primary Internet discovery resource, as do 43% of Internet users ages 24 to 32. The key is to increase brand awareness in this stage.


2.       Information Search

Before going out and buying a new product, people rely on social media sites to search for information. They are looking for posts made by the company such as promotions, referrals from friends and recommendation from strangers. 71% of consumers are more likely to make purchase based on social media referrals. Almost one quarter (22%) of social media users asked for suggestions and recommendations from other users, and the same number said that they connected directly with vendors through social media. Social feedback has become an important purchase validation tool.

Buying behaviour on social media and real life

3.       Evaluation of Alternatives

When deciding which brand to go with social media can help by:

-Keeping your brand top of mind

-Highlighting the relevant benefits associated to your product

-Engaging with the consumers which leads to establishing trust

4.       Purchase Decision

To increase the chances of converting leads into customers, the social media tactics that are the most successful are:

· Providing benefit-driven posts with links to more info on a regular basis

· Offering social media exclusive discounts and coupons (with links to use them)

-32% of women say they’re influence by special offers on Facebook & 29% on Twitter


5.       Post-Purchase Evaluation

Customer service management is extremely important here!  People tend to be very vocal on social media about their experiences with brands, positive and negative. Engaging with customers can help drive repeat purchase and loyalty.





 Posted by Alexandra English

What is 3D Printing Used For? Who is using it? How is it affecting us?

How will 3D printing affect our life? 

What are the benefits of 3D printing? How will 3D printing be used?

One of the most trending terms and topics online nowadays is 3Dprinting, as much as it is a new topic, it is slowly and steadily becoming a great interest on the enterprise, educational and governmental levels.

3d printing searches on the past year

So what is 3D printing?

According to Wikipedia, a 3D printer is a type of industrial robot, that create three-dimensional object from a 3D model or other electronic data source primarily through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control.

What might come as a surprise for a lot of us is that it was not a technology discovered recently, it has been around since 1984, even earlier than the digital press,though it was just until recently when it became that popular, and there are couple of companies that have been taking the lead with its innovation, such as:

1. Stratasys, Inc.
2. Hp
3. 3D Systems Corp.
4. The ExOne Company

5. Voxeljet AG

So what is being printed so far using 3d printers

1. RAF Tornado fighter jet parts
2. Arms for children

3. Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium
4. Super Bowl shoe cleats
5. Honda concept cars
6. Lost statues in Afghanistan
7. Wheelchair ramps
8. Skin'n'bones
9. Selfies
10. Book slipcases
11. Duck legs and horse shoes
12. Toys from children's apps

Where is 3d printing  becoming more Common?

Medical equipment

human benefit of 3d printing

How is it helping in the educational Field?

Most of the Universities are providing their medical students, architecture and engineering students with 3d printers in their departments, which is making the whole implementation process more digital and more interesting.

printing 3d buildings in architect

How is 3D printing affecting our Kitchens?

If more and more people start getting familiarized with 3D-Printing and it becomes more accessible by the consumers, I guess IKEA will have to find a new way to make money in the kitchen sections.

As it only started with creating plastics, ceramics, and metals it didn't stop there! Now you can pretty much make your own food, such as pizza, and some of the big companies in the food industry are showing a great interest in this booming innovative idea.

cups made from 3 printing

 Using 3d printing in the kitchen - for baking 


How is 3D printing affecting the fashion industry?

Currently it is showing a great potential to do great things for the industry, and make the whole design and production process for the designer more efficiency and effective.

fashion using 3d printing




Posted by Tarek Riman

Best Apps to Stay up to date to the World Cup

World Cup 2014 Apps for Mobile? How to stay up to date to the World Cup on a Mobile device?

If you are a soccer fan around the world, you are most probably watching the world cup!

2014 mobile application for world cup
Source : hdwallpapersly.com

If not you are most probably working like me, or studying or maybe just sleeping. Whatever the reason might be you still interested in the score and the best highlights of the game.

Well here are 3 of the best apps that you can install on your smart phone that will allow you to get the latest updates and notifications straight to your phone.

1. FIFA.com | Official FIFA App

The FIFA World Cup at your finger tips and with you everywhere, this App provides you with Live-Score updates for 102 of the world’s top leagues, allowing you to stay 24/7 up-to-date to the  FIFA World Cup in Brazil live, in addition to that it provide you with the headlines, photos and videos; the latest World Ranking.
Download and More About the App
Mobile app for the soccer world cup

2.  LiveSoccer World Football Cup

This a free soccer app allowing you to follow all the major world cup 2014 events in Brazil, in addition to getting real-time notification of teams that you want to get these notifications about. This app is tailored to your world cup preferences and is made for someone on the go, who doesn't have enough time to watch the whole game.

Additional Features
• Text based live events and commentaries by professional journalists
• Match lineups, including players’ photos
• Head2Head match analysis
• Match statistics
world cup brazil mobile app - uptodate

3. Team Stream By Bleacher Report

Team Stream recently introduced a recent update to there Mobile App, Introducing the WorldCup updates, allowing you to get all your team's news and scores in a personalized way. 
provided in a wide selection of languages and constantly updated Team stream seems to be doing perfectly for a lot of the down-loaders, and you can easily sense that from their application page and reviews.

For more information about the application| Download

Mobile apps for world cup 2014

Bleacher Report

Posted by Tarek Riman

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