Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Use Twitter to Improve your Google Ranking

The tweets that are now ranking are associated with credible sources, credible information, credible accounts and credible links.

It is where the quality of the tweets meet the quantity of the tweets.

Most of the sites that you are going to come across will mention that you should tweet, tweet, tweet! in fact quality seems to have a better impact, and this impact will multiply with the right number of tweets.

Sharing quality information, infographics, links, and content, has the strongest impact on your tweet rankings. 

Relevancy, is also an important factor that is associated with content, the more you tweet topics are aligned with your expertise and profession, the more authority you will be able to build.

Overall look of your Twitter account

Create a Twitter style that reflects your values and your brand. You can do this by ensuring the colors, content, background picture, description and picture are aligned.

Social integration of your Twitter account with your web properties

It is important to use all the development tools that Twitter gives you to better integrate your site with Twitter.

Best ways to do so are:

1.    To add Twitter cards to your site
2.    Add Twitter widgets to your site
3.    Add follow me twitter button on your site
4.    Add Twitter to Facebook
5.    Add Twitter to LinkedIn

Setting up a proper account

There are key aspects to consider while creating and growing a Twitter account. The most important ones are:

1.    Creating an informative, short and highly indexable bio
2.    Adding the right links to your Twitter profile
3.    Using the right username in the right way
4.    Using the right real name


Social signals continue to show great importance on search and search engine results, yet with recent updates, Twitter seems to be having a stronger impact than the rest of the channels.
It is important for all marketers and business owners to start using Twitter, and using it to its fullest.


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Sunday, August 23, 2015

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Landing Pages

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Rank Higher on LinkedIn | How can LinkedIn Members use SEO in their Advantage

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How can social media Managers use SEO for their advantage?

Does Keywords selection impact our social channel ranking?

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