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How to Rank Higher on LinkedIn | How can LinkedIn Members use SEO in their Advantage

SEO for LinkedIn Profiles

How can social media Managers use SEO for their advantage?

Does Keywords selection impact our social channel ranking?

We all want to be rock stars on LinkedIn, we all want to make sure that we are on the top of the search results for all the terms which relate to our expertise. 

Being the 16th most visited website in the world, based on Alexa rankings, with the majority of the searches targeting professional and Employer, LinkedIn’s role in the professional and the Business world is growing, and being on it is no longer an option for any professional.

It is important for every LinkedIn user to know is that you don’t need to be an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist, to rank on the top of the LinkedIn list.

LinkedIn Algorithm takes a limited set of factors into consideration while ranking your profile, and if you take the following points at heart and follow them properly then you are in for some profile views, offerings and better industry visibility.

10 ways to make your LinkedIn profile Rank Higher

 1.    Name and Title | Headline
In addition to being the first thing that people see on your profile, it is also the most important for your ranking, it should be standardized and must not be a variation, and it should be more exact that broad.
For e.g. it will be much easier for you to rank for “Digital Marketing Manager”, than it is to rank for Just “marketer”

2.    Connections

a.    When it comes to connections the more the merrier, yet it is important that these connections are valid and are related your industry. At the end of the day you will be judged based on the people that you surround yourself with, and the same goes for LinkedIn. 

3.    A complete profile

a.    Also known as leaving no field blank, it is important to ensure that for LinkedIn your profile is whole is 100% complete, or else you will be losing turf for whoever has a complete profile.
4.    Group Membership, and the relevancy of that membership to your current and previous jobs, and to the industry that you work in.
a.    Having these relevant groups on your profile will allow your profile to get indexed of the terms in these groups, in addition to the direct advantage of increasing your connections.

5.    Optimize your Job description

a.    Using a list of bullet points to better describe your role in a job, will not only be easier for the user to read, it will also be better for your profile's SEO.
6.    Claim your own URL
a.    Whether on LinkedIn or not, your page URL still has a lot of value for your page overall ranking
b.    It is important to also insure that no one else with the similar name gets to use the URL
7.    Work on improving your recommendations and Endorsement
a.    In addition to the credibility they add to your profile, these 2 options will improve your ranking.
b.    Don’t hesitate to ask your connections for recommendation, Go to “Profile,” select “Recommendations,” click the “Request Recommendations” tab, fill out the fields as directed and click “Send.
8.    Summary
a.    It is the meat of your profile, it is crucial that this section is clean and readable, it is not supposed to be a list of keywords, instead provide a proper summary of what your work experience is and who you are.
9.    Your Status and updates
a.    How often you update your status and how valuable your updates are, is one of the most important factors that you should consider to gain turf on LinkedIn. Continuously and constantly update your status with industry trends, promotions, skills and interesting articles. It is a known fact that profiles with regular updates rank higher.
10.    Get your profile proofread by a professional
a.    There is nothing worst than typos: Not only will this make your profile look un-professional, it will also hurt your online presence.



Tarek Riman

How to create an Optimized Web Page | Understanding the Different aspects of an SEO Friendly Site

Different Aspect of an SEO Optimized Website

What makes a web page SEO friendly? How to get more links an shares to your web page? How to get Higher Rank in Google and Bing?

Well our great friends at Ghergich&Co. partnered with SurePayroll, to create a great infographic that explains all tags and tips needed to create a well rounded SEO page.

SEO Optimized page

List of factors to consider in this optimization

1. URL
2. Meta Description Tag
3. Title tag
4. Header Tag
5. Article copy
6. Visual assets
7. Embedded Code
8. Social Share Widgets
9. Open Graph Tags
10. Twitter Cards



Tarek Riman

Will Content Marketing Play a Major Role in 2015 | Digital Marketing Trends

Will Content Marketing play an important role in our Digital strategies for 2015?

What is the impact of Content on the different aspects of our Digital Marketing Mix?

While digital marketing is still playing the a growing role in every successful companies market mix, it seems that the big words such as SEM, SEO, Programmatic, Mobile, and Social  are still the first thing that comes to mind.

With 2014 being the year of content, most of the marketers are looking to know what 2015 is all about! 

The answer is: nothing will change!

Budget allocations on SEM, SEO and Mobile are constantly increasing across firms of all sizes, including start-ups. And by association, content is the starting point of everything digital, from search engine marketing to Social Media Marketing, and Search engine optimization. As every entity of our digital approach grows, content marketing will grow with it.

Where does content stand in 2015 marketing mix?

What are the trends to watch out for in 2015?

  1. Personalized approach: Sending the right message at the right time to the right target market
  2. There is no more free lunch in 2015 social media, paid social is the only path.
  3. There will be a drop in the demand for social media specialist and increase in the demand for Content writers.
  4. Content Creation and distribution will be the priority of the leading marketers
  5. Mobile tailored content marketing is no longer an option in 2015.
  6. Ads integrated with content will be the most successful.
  7. Search engine Rankings and Content strategies will go hand in hand.
  8. Content marketers will become more sophisticated when it comes to email marketing
  9. Big brands will focus intently on content governance
  10. Investment in Owned Media will be essential
  11. Content Exchange and Guest Blogging will play a bigger role than before
  12.  More publishers will start to sell ads based on time spent, as the Financial Times and The Economist have already begun to do. And, in turn, more advertisers will get on board with the idea. - Amanda Walgrove, Social Media Editor


Posted by Tarek Riman

The Best apps to help you plan your dream vacation

As the weather gets colder and the days are getting shorter, you find yourself dreaming about this beautiful hotel on the beach or attending the fashion week in Milan, or even leaving everything to travel around Europe in a backpack! Well it's the perfect time to make your dreams come true!! To help you plan your dream getaway, I thought I would put together a small list of apps that are perfect for planning, organizing and dream of your VACAY! 

1.       Because we all need a little inspiration…

The first app I have for you is Pinterest! Pinterest is the apps for inspiration, from DYI to travelling you will find all sorts of different idea on Pinterest to make your dream getaway even better than you imagine. The great thing is that you can create a pin with all the things you like or would like to do and you can go through it and actually get to experience some of those pins!

2.       Keeping everything in One place

 Tripit is the app for that. If you're planning a vacation without the help on a professional or simply if you're going on vacation, Tripit will become your best friend. Tripit is an easy, free and probably the best way to combine all your travelling information (itineraries, tickets, hotels booking, travel confirmation, and such) together on one Hub/page/screen

3.       TripAdvisor 

If you're like me, the idea of travelling to another country is pretty stressful. Imagine going to your dream vacation and having to share the bath tub with cockroaches… fun?? If you answered no! You definitely need TripAdvisor! Why? Because it let you see what people thought of the hotel and it will give you a pretty good idea if this hotel as what you need. Another thing that I love about TripAdvisor is that you can use it even when you are at home, if you feel like trying something new, you can look up restaurant in your city and get the rating the menu and people's opinion on it.

4.        Because you are unique.

Stow app customize a suitcase packing list according to your needs for your trip. Not only does it save your time, but it's also another thing the scratch off your to do list, you know only need to pack and up on the plane!

5.       Perfect for family or group trips

If you are in charge of a group trip or a family trip you will need this app to help you pack and locate everything! Packing Pro lets you create list by the number of individuals that are coming alone and you can filter the list by bags. No more looking through all the suitcase to find your tooth-brush!

6.     Translate with speech

This free app will translate (with speech) any text in up to 72 languages! No more carrying the Italian for dummies book in the streets of Milan



Laurence Belmont

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